Why work with
Blackwell Strategy?

There are four strongly differentiating elements that Blackwell® Strategy clients look for:

1. Understanding and integration with our client's sales processes

We are the only public relations firm with the media that integrates with the sales processes of large companies. An interview or mention in the media is only valuable for a company if it can impact its sales strategy, from the first exposure a client has with the brand, through the discovery period, to the closing process.

At Blackwell®  we have become our clients business partners, taking an active position in their sales processes.

2. The best customer service on the market

At Blackwell®,  we are committed to serving our customers. We have personalized advice in real-time, from Monday to Sunday.
Our response and satisfaction protocols are strict. With them, we have managed to ensure that our clients continue with us after eight or more years of uninterrupted work.

3. Extensive experience in crisis management

This is one of the most significant advantages to our clients. Experience has taught us that the best crisis is the one that is prevented. That is why we understand and execute several practical principles to reduce the likelihood of a crisis happening. We also have a systematic methodology to address and mitigate a developing crisis.

4. Extensive knowledge and strong relationships with the news media

At Blackwell®, we have been building solid relationships with the best media in Mexico for more than a decade, based on protecting their journalistic values ​​and styles. This allows us to build strategic bridges between the most prestigious media and the best companies.

Our Clientes