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About us

In order to protect and grow sales, large companies and their leaders always need to protect their image on the media. However, the media industry is complex to navigate, with high entry barriers and risks associated with the nature of its operation.

That is why in 2010, Blackwell® Strategy was born to be the strategic bridge between the best corporations and the most influential media, providing the best service in the market, a predictable experience, and an unmatched response speed.


Blackwell® Strategy is a specialized company with ten years of experience managing media and crisis management public relations. Our main objective is to protect the personal image and credibility of high-profile entrepreneurs and those of the organizations they lead in the media.

Several of the best corporations and entrepreneurs in México, and the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain have chosen Blackwell® Strategy as their strategic partner in the vital task of taking care of their credibility and increasing their sales.