Strategic communication
on news media

96% of consumers do not trust advertising. This represents one of the biggest challenges which companies face today when it comes to business development. At Blackwell® , we have the solution to this problem.
In recent years, the renowned American Association of Advertising Agencies and Kantar have reached similar results: Consumers do not see integrity in what brands advertise and even consider advertising invasive, which puts brand credibility at risk. Credibility is the maximum value that companies and entrepreneurs need to achieve today to grow their businesses.

The question is then, how can a company today increase its credibility?

The answer is in the opinion shared by more than 7,000 consumers who participated in the studies mentioned above: a company or an entrepreneur can increase its credibility mainly through social proof and not through advertising. The higher the social proof, the higher the sales.

According to respondents, the three most credible sources of social proof are comments from friends and family, customer testimonials, and mentions through serious news media.

At Blackwell® Strategy, we have witnessed how the effectiveness of a well-designed and executed social proof media strategy translates into higher sales for organizations or companies and an increase in the status of their directives.

Our primary services in strategic communication in the media are:
Development of key messages. To transform the extensive specialized knowledge of our clients into valuable information for the media, thus benefiting its readers.
Management of mentions of our clients in top national news media. At the same time, generating social proof and strengthening their credibility.

Interviews in top national media.

Our experience spans all major industries, including banking, finance, fintech, consulting, high-tech telecommunications, infrastructure, mining, energy, and food.

Crisis Management

Crisis management is the use of combined strategies to face a hostile or unfortunate event that puts the reputation of an organization or entrepreneur at risk. Not only can a media crisis affect a company’s reputation, but it can also directly affect its ability to sell, retain or attract talent, and in some cases, it can end in legal problems or criminal investigations.

At Blackwell®, we have extensive experience advising large companies and their boards. When a crisis is triggered, the client requires certainty, an expert diagnosis, and concrete actions that take him to a controllable scenario in the shortest possible time. At Blackwell® we guide our clients comprehensively throughout the entire process.

Some of the elements that make up our crisis management service are:
Mitigation of potential risk scenarios which can represent open fronts for the client.
Accurate diagnosis of the current scenario: What / who is driving it and how it can be mitigated.
Strategic media management as the crisis unfolds.
Mitigation of the crisis through effective links with the main editorialists and media in the country.
Preparation of positions, releases, and statements.
Automated monitoring of media in real-time (TV, press & radio).
Support and post-crisis reputational, strategic planning.